Wash & Care

What if we told you that there’s actually one thing even more rewarding than wearing a Confidante garment? It’s making sure it stays as wonderful as the moment it arrived. Beneficial for you. Beneficial for mother earth. That’s why we’ve listed a few tips and tricks to get you going on the maintenance.

Before you dive in
First of all, if possible, do it yourself by hand. We know it’s a bit more effort but the result will definitely be worth your while. Water temperature ideally should be cold to lukewarm and if you’re using any powder detergent don’t overdo it and wait for it to fully dissolve in the water. 
In case the label instructs you to wash your garment on a wool or delicate machine program we advice to use a washing bag and/or turn your garment inside out.

What's next?
Be sure to unbutton and untie all items and only ‘co-wash’ garments of (roughly) the same colour. Mixed colors, unfortunately, won’t cause rainbow prints, they would just turn vague. Not beneficial for you. Probably neither for mother earth. When washing gently swish the garment through the water and be careful not to twist, wring or stretch the fabric.

Washing by hand should not take more than 10 minutes because if soaked for too long the colors will start losing their intensity. However, exceptions can be made for treating stains since they deserve a bit more subtle rubbing and an extra 5 minutes of soaking. 

Colour scheme
Spoiler alert! Some of the colour will inevitably come off as it’s completely normal to do so for natural fibers. Just know that there will always remain enough colour in your garment as long as you don’t add differently coloured clothing into the washing cocktail like we described above. 

Once done washing, gently wring out the water and hang it out to dry. Use a towel for an even softer touch and to absorb extra moisture. To avoid wrinkles you can also tumble dry your freshly washed garment for a maximum of 5 minutes (!) on low heat settings. Finally, the best place to let your items dry would be in the shade or, preferably, inside since any exposure to sunlight could again cause loss of colour intensity. 

To iron or not to iron?
The answer to this question is actually twofold (pun intended). 

Most of our items are smooth and hence suitable for ironing. Especially with linen and cotton items ironing is the best way to remove any of the wrinkles.

However, we sometimes use a crinkle textured fabric for some of our designs. Then you should very much NOT iron because the structure of the entire piece might disappear. So if there’s any sign of an uneven structure please go for a steamer instead and move it gently along your garment.

Hopefully these little pieces of advice could wash away all your troubles and please note that we have curated a great Spotify list to help you get into the groove while you’re at it! x Confidante