Soul purpose
In short, our goal is to produce soulmate garments. Go-to pieces you feel feminine and free in whatever your planning looks like. All of our shapes, fabrics and colours serve the sole purpose of you feeling fine. Look at it like this. Whenever you have an outrageous(ly awesome) date, what would you wear? Now think about what you would wear when you discuss all juicy details with your Confidante? We design garments that are suited perfectly for either of the occasions. 


Mission possible
Everyday we get up with the aim to make you happy with items that feel fancy yet free and cause a slight hint of excitement when heads turn. Alongside that aspiration we push ourselves to get all of it done in the utmost ethical way possible. Though we are very well on our way to minimize our footprint, we are not there yet for the full 100% since it involves pricey alternatives and creativity. But bear with us as we step by step reduce our footprint until eventually everything we make feels good, green and eco-friendly. Just like a mojito. And spoiler alert: you might just find a nice little treat made from fabric that we’ve been able to save from landfill with every order you place.

Have fun roaming around! x Confidante


Confidante (feminine) — to whom secrets are shared