Hurray for your nosiness! We love to show and tell you all about our design and renewed production process. For which we have worked ‘a certain part of our bodies’ off to get more and more eco friendly. 

Pressure cooking
Twice a year we buy a lot of chocolate and red wine and really take our time to answer the most important question of all: What things would we rather wear? Rather than anything we see in our wardrobe, around us or in any shop. And then we attack our sheets of paper with everything that bubbles up, ranging from interesting patterns we’ve come across to weird things we’ve dreamt about. Sometimes it’s a grand theme to build our entire collection around, sometimes it’s an orchestra of things that just look and feel really good. But eventually it’s always about creating something new and inspiring that sparks a conversation.

Production wise 
Since our very first days the productional heart of everything Confidante has been in Bali. As we set out to outsource production we came across a cute factory where we immediately felt comfortable, at home and, important to note, is totally overseen by those “who run the world”. So although there are no boys allowed in the managerial positions, gender among the workforce is distributed evenly and all employees receive an honest and sustaining wage. Could things get any better, right?

Family expansion
As Confidante grew a steady base (thanks to you!) and the expertise of our Bali factory was producing fine, lightweight cloths for summer garments, we took on the adventure to scout for other parties to supply more sturdy and richer fabrics for winter collections. And, because we don't have a planet B, parties that could give us more options for an eco-friendly way of production. 

That’s where two houses of production joined the Confidante family. One of which is a factory in India that is again female owned with a mixed staff but is in favor of hiring more women to boost female independence in India. At this factory we are able to work with ‘deadstock’ fabric; left-over material on the brink of being burnt or buried. And girl, can we assure you this stock feels so much more alive on your lovely skin than on those landfills. We also use AZO-free dyes, this means that no hard chemicals were used during the process and that they are gentle for your skin. The other addition to our partners is a factory located in Spain that we work with mostly for high-end knitwear.


knitwear factory

From Confidante with love
We can proudly testify that every single garment we create at Confidante is made under fair and respectful conditions. When it comes to eco-friendliness we try to remain as sharp as our razors on spotting even the smallest opportunity for improving our processes. Thankfully, this for a large part is made possible by your support. We know it sounds cheesy but it’s really the way the nachos crumble. Every part in sustainifying our production process is dependent on compromises and the numbers we can run. To ensure transparency to the moon and back we accompanied all pieces with a list of what assets are attributed to thát specific garment so you know exactly what it is made of and what its impact has been. 

Cheers to you spirits! x Confidante